How Entatio Helps Professional Speakers To Grow Their Audience: is designed to provide cloud based presentations comprised of PowerPoint, videos, images, interactive visual aids and PDFs with the ability share content, track engagement and maintain continued communications and management for your audience.

Just Some of the Features for Professional Speakers:

  1. Cloud Presentation Tools: Build cloud based presentations using simple wizards and your existing materials
  2. Digital Sign-In Forms: Create digital sign in forms for the free Entatio for the iPad app. Make the sign in available at speeches. Any user that enters their information is given access to only that presentations. Everything is automated
  3. Speaker Bios: Build an entire speaker protal with multiple speaker bios. Every presentation has links for audience members to see the speakers associated with the presentation.
  4. MailChimp Automation: Connect presentations and media to MailChimp lists for automated list management
  5. Audience Subscriptions: Subscription features give your audience the ability to select individual media for updates.
  6. Virtual Parking Lots (v3.0): Virtual parking lots allow audience members to submit questions and receive answers on presentation and even individual presentation slides for continued contact
  7. Integration: Use the Entatio for app to turn an Entatio portal into a complete content marketing platform
  8. Dashboards: Dashboards show which presentations and slides are most popular, who is accessing them, the number of views and users and more with customized date ranges