The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of your account’s overall performance and progress. It tracks courses, presentations, slides, and users’ access. These data are presented in graphs and charts providing easy to understand information. The Dashboard categorizes the data into three (3) tabs:

  • General
  • Assignments
  • Users

These tabs display information sourced straight from the database and analyzed by to ensure accuracy. Also, the dashboard is designed for users to interpret the data with ease.


The General tab displays key features’ statistics such as Presentations, Slides, and Courses. The data are presented in graphs and charts for easy interpretation and comparison. This tab is comprised of the following sections:

  • Top Presentations
  • Top Slides
  • My Content Views
  • Slides in Courses
  • Users last 24 hours
  • Combined Chart (Cumulative)


The Assignments tab displays assigned presentations to users and their progress. This tab summarizes presentation details and shows their status. The Assignments tab is comprised of the following sections:

  • User Assignments
  • User Assignments with Presentations
  • Assigned Courses Status
  • Assigned Presentations Status
  • Assigned Slide Status
  • Top Assigned Presentations
  • Top Assigned Slides


The Users tab displays the list of users and their assignments. This tab shows the users with their assigned presentation and course along with the due date and completed slides. The list includes the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Assigned
  • Presentation
  • Course
  • Due Date
  • Slides Completed

To search for users or keywords, use the Search field or define the filter parameters by clicking the drop-down arrow of each filter. This feature enables you to narrow your search and display related results.

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