3/31/2017 —  Novartis Ordered to Deliver Tens of Thousands of Records to Prove that Medical Events are EDUCATIONAL Events – If they had LifeScienceLMS.com, this problem would take minutes to solve. Period.

by Jason McCloy, Co-Founder

How do you prove that a Medical Event, or any other event, is an Educational Event? How do you even prove that, “education,” is taking place?

When my team and I set out to build our solutions (LifeScienceLMS.com & MediaManager.net), this was the problem that we aimed to solve and it is the same problem that Novartis faces this moment with regards to the request for thousands of Medical Event records. There is an even larger issue that springs from this one tied to all interactions between Pharmaceutical Representatives and Health Care Providers.

Through the process of Research & Development, Pharmaceutical Companies create a massive body of scientific knowledge. Health Care Providers and Organizations need that knowledge to deliver care. While the entire Medical Affairs part of the industry grows to meet this demand, there is still a regulatory machine designed to question any interaction between the Health Care Provider side and the Pharmaceutical side. With so many of those interactions taking place through Medical Events, the ability to prove that these were educational in nature becomes one of the most important aspects of the event itself. Proving this is the ONLY WAY TO ABSOLUTELY REDUCE THE RISK OF THE EVENT aside from not having it.

This issue becomes even more important when one considers that in order to attract participants to events, they need to be made attractive and regulatory bodies can argue, as they are with Novartis, that attendance at the event itself (since it has been made attractive) is a form of kickback.

This is the problem Novartis faces and this is the problem we created LifeScienceLMS.com to solve.

How We Solved this Problem

Veeva CRM is the Life Sciences industry standard system of record for Account, Call, Sampling and Medical Event data. If there is an interaction between a Health Care Provider and a Pharmaceutical company, the record for it lives in that system or it most likely doesn’t exist.

Applications such as Veeva Vault, Sharepoint, Box.com, Dropbox, Documentum and others are the industry standards for media storage. In the Novartis case, part of the DOJ request was for powerpoints used in the events. This media would live in one of those systems.

LifeScienceLMS.com integrates seamlessly with all of those systems to automatically create tracking records to show when individual Health Care Providers access specific pieces of media and ties these records to specific Medical Events. Everything from providing access to the system to creating and updating the tracking records is automated to reduce administrative overhead. In addition to this, LifeScienceLMS.com  provides additional virtual event activities, such as forums, workgroups, surveys, study groups, learning paths and more, all automatically tracked back to Veeva CRM to increase the educational value of the event. The combination of the tracking records connecting specific HCPs to specific approved media and specific events, along with a defined course of study, along with records of additional educational activities, creates an undeniable case to prove that a Medical Event was an EDUCATIONAL EVENT (no matter how good the food was).

LifeScienceLMS.com was built specifically for the problem that Novartis is facing. It leverages the technology that organizations have already invested in (Veeva CRM, Vault, etc.) and has automation features that make it possible to create the data to prove that Medical Events are Educational Events without significant increases to administrative overhead.

Below is a video introducing LifeScienceLMS.com and when you are ready to begin a discussion, please contact me at jasonmccloy@mediamanager.net.

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