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Immediately Improve Project Outcomes
The team has successfully delivered Just-In-Time Training, Change Management and Onboarding as a Service with a proven process and technology

The Project Management Institute (PMI) found that high-performing organizations (those completing an average of 80 percent or more of projects on time, on budget and within goals) create formal communications plans for nearly twice as many projects as their lower-performing counterparts (which complete fewer than 60 percent of projects on time, on budget, and within goals).

MediaManager provides a service in connection with data-driven content portals to implement a streamlined communications plan for onboarding, training and change management as a service.

The MediaManager Project Support Program also provides the People, Processes and Technology to immediately improve and grow standardized PMO Communications Systems with analytics and reporting built in.

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MediaManager as a Digital Roadshow Marketing Platform

Digital Roadshows are an effective way to spread your message to a large number of stakeholders in a short period of time. MediaManager technology and support makes it easy to publish roadshow content in a way that gathers data about the target community, supports communications and identifies key messages.

Exclusive Partner to the Customer Onboarding Hub for

The team works closely with the Customer Onboarding Hub for and leverages these tools to help administer targeted, just-in-time training, presentations and onboarding programs to help project teams scale fast.

MediaManager’s Portal Platform has successfully supported more than 3 Million Virtual Learning Engagements with Healthcare Providers in support of more than 40 Global Brands. We can help improve your organization’s success with curated, data-driven, content portals.

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