Use Case: Automate Digital Documentation Access with Sampling

This use case comes from a submission to our business challenges page HERE. If you are facing a challenge as a member of a Medical Affairs or Commercial team that involves Medical Education and Digital Engagement, please submit it. We use these to develop use cases.

Business Challenge: With each sample, the company distributes hard copies of related supporting documentation. Is it possible to automate the distribution of digital documentation when products are sampled?

Solution: The to Veeva CRM integration engine supports Extended Rules. These make it possible to automate access to digital document collections based on sample records as they are created.

For example, a rule can be written so that every time a Call or Interaction is recorded and product Cholecap 10mg is sampled in the CRM, the Health Care Provider that received the sample is automatically given access to a collection of corresponding documentation in one of the portals for Cholecap 10mg. At the same time, tracking records for each document are created in Veeva CRM to associate the Health Care Provider with each individual document. As the HCP accesses the portal and views the Cholecap documents, the tracking records are automatically updated. The integration between Veeva Vault and automatically updates documentation to the most recently approved version, and by restricting downloads, the system guarantees that outdated documentation is never distributed (this solution would also allow for the use of Veeva Engage).

Below are the steps for creating that type of rule:

Extended Rule Creation

Step 1: Set the associated object. All standard and custom objects are available and dynamically set.

Step 2: Select the corresponding object. This would be Account for Health Care Professionals or Users (where the relationship exists) for Sales Professionals and MSLs.

Step 3: Select the corresponding field on the record. In this case it would be the Call Sample Name.

Step 4: The rule’s condition would be set. This would be Equals.

Step 5: Enter the value for the name.

Step 6: Select the email template that will be used to send the Health Care Provider their invitation to the community and credentials to access it. Also select the integration group associated with the segmented area of the portal.

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