Provides Affordable Cloud Storage with Unparalleled Access and Support

Digital archiving usually means digital content storage at a lower price, but restricted access to the content. The application, in connection with our managed services team, gives your organization digital archive pricing with full access to search, view, manage and share content.

  • We implement and manage throughout the entire process
  • Transparent pricing. Storage + Support.
  • No per-user licensing costs for the app
  • Full automation from FTP to AWS S3
  • app for iPad provides mobile access

Managed Services Support

Fast implementation, complete app management, on-going support – provides unparalleled control and ease to storing your content.

Leverage AWS S3 Pricing

Built to launch in the AWS Cloud and seamlessly connect to an unlimited number of S3 buckets, provides an incredible way to dramatically increase the value of your S3 storage while automating the archival process., MailChimp and FTP Integrations

Code free integrations to, MailChimp and FTP folders make it easy to build distribution lists, track content engagement and more. User can easily access and view content directly in the archive.

Embed AWS S3 Content in Applications and Sites

Embed archived digital content in applications and sites through automatically generated links.

Mobile Application

View and engage your archived content through our simple iPad Application. Subscribe to new content, download for local use and cache for fast viewing, all through the app.

Disaster Recovery and Site Caching for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Code free integration to Veeva Vault QualityDocs and QMS, content archival on AWS S3 and a fully integrated iPad app provide a complete, easy to implement, system for making approved, regulated content, available to manufacturing facilities to satisfy GMP regulations.

Veeva Vault Integration for GxP

Code free integrations to the Veeva Vault Document Management Platform provides a comprehensive publishing solution to meet GxP requirements. Works with Vault Promomats, Medcomms, QualityDocs, QMS, eTMF, CTMS, RIM and more. Automate the archival of approved content to AWS S3 and publish to the web and iPad applications.

Mailchimp Integration

Every Presentation and individual piece of media in can be associated with it’s own Mailchimp list. As users subscribe or unsubscribe to the presentations and media, their information is automatically added or removed from the list, making it easy to automate segmented Content Marketing programs using media stored efficiently in AWS S3 and EC2.

The App

The App automatically tracks user engagement with media and content available through back to Build automation systems triggered by prospect’s interaction with your content to alert sales and marketing professionals at just the right time to make contact. manages digital media and makes the digital archival process easy and less expensive.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Files, documents, videos, interactive visual aids, powerpoint presentations, HTML 5 presentations and more… makes it easy to archive, manage, view and share content stored in digital archives and our managed services team supports you throughout the process.

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