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Providing the Infrastructure for AWS AI | ML Powered Solutions

Launch on AWS to Provide Content, User and Context Management for AWS AI Services through an AWS Native Knowledgebase Platform

Since 2018, verticals have supported millions of digital engagements for Customer, Partner, Employee, Team, Product and Project Onboarding, Just-In-Time-Training, Customer Journey Mapping, Data Silo Destruction, Digital Roadshows and Sales Presentations.

With the growth of Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and the growing AWS AI | ML suite, the barrier to entry for many organizations involves deploying the necessary infrastructure to efficiently organize data, content, users and context for their projects and to organize their business knowledge and assets in such a way that it is available for existing AI Services. provides a rapid-deployment Knowledge Base platform to meet these needs, in addition to our managed cloud verticals.

Launch on AWS, learn more about our solutions below or access the companion app on the AppExchange ( is not necessary to deploy MediaManager Portal Platforms).

Launch on AWS

Multiple Portal Platforms to Meet a Variety of Needs


Launch on a custom domain through the AWS Marketplace to provide the infrastructure for AWS AI services projects using SageMaker, Kendra, Rekognition, Lex, Panorama and many others to provide these powerful tools with business knowledge for rapid results.

Digital road shows, workshops, project communications, sales presentations, customer onboarding and training sessions involve content sharing and the need for constant communications. connects content and data to provide a suite of tools that improve business outcomes. provides CRM-Integrated Disease State and Medical Education portals to deliver Prescriber Information and other critical, regulated, content to Healthcare Providers (HCPs). provides CRM integrated Investor Relations portals to share regulated content. Safely publish critical investor documentation, support Q&A, while automating community and customer relationship management features.

Put Onboarding on Autopilot

Digital Roadshows are an effective way to spread your message to a large number of stakeholders. MediaManager technology and support publishes roadshow content, automates contact capture to the CRM and generates data for insights on the effectiveness of key messages.

Leverage the MediaManager Project Support Service to Improve Project Outcomes

Per a Project Management Institute (PMI) study, ‘Ineffective communications are the primary contributor to project failure one-third of the time and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time.’ Our Project Support Service provides the technology and support to implement a communications plan for your project to improve onboarding, build insightful dashboards and provide leadership with visibility into engagement and gaps.

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