Managing blocks

Theme options

Remember: This theme is designed to put both block columns on the side. If you prefer the standard course layout you can change this in the theme options to use a standard three column layout:

Standard block Layout – setting ‘No’
Standard block Layout – setting ‘Yes’

Example: Adding the calendar block to the footer

If you don’t already have a calendar block on your site, you first have to add one:

  • Click Turn editing on (top-right).
  • When editing is on, the “Add block” block appears.
  • Select the calendar block in the dropdown menu.

With the calendar block on your site, click the edit icon in the block header to configure it.

In the block settings you can configure where the block appears:

  • Select “Any page” for “Display on page types” to make the calendar block appear throughout your site.
  • Select “Footer (left)” for “Deafult region”
  • Do not forget to verify the correct setting for the position “On this page”:
    Here you can override the column preference for the block, so make sure you have set up the correct region here, too.

The calendar block is now placed at the left footer region and appears on every page of your site.

Note: You can also add HTML blocks to add any content you like to your footer regions.

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