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Level-Up Content Storage & Sharing Security

Popular email tools such as Gmail, Outlook and others are routinely scanned by technology providers for A.I. training. Also, content shared through email services can be forwarded to anyone. Once that content has been sent, it is out of your control forever. Furthermore, content repos such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive store your organization’s content on servers outside of your control. on AWS provides the highest level of secure content storage and sharing such that all content resides entirely on servers and storage services controlled by your organization. Even AWS cannot access your content without your authorization. Content shared through requires authentication, downloads can be restricted and every content-view is tracked and logged to a specific user automatically at all times with simple reporting. This makes the most secure content storage and sharing system available on the market.

Launch on AWS

Multiple Portal Platforms to Meet a Variety of Needs


Launch on a custom domain through the AWS Marketplace to provide Learning as a Service (LaaS) for your clients, projects, programs and products. No per-user or per-portal fees. All services are controlled and billed through your AWS account for clear and consistent pricing.

Provide Learning as a Service (LaaS) outside of AWS using Launch unlimited portals. Create training and onboarding workflows. Manage users and courses. Integrate to other tools such as, FTP and Docusign. provides CRM-Integrated Disease State and Medical Education portals to deliver Prescriber Information and other critical, regulated, content to Healthcare Providers (HCPs). provides CRM integrated Investor Relations portals to share regulated content. Safely publish critical investor documentation, support Q&A, while automating community and customer relationship management features.

Over 40 IT Services and Consulting Companies Leverage to Provide Clients with Valuable Learning as a Service (LaaS) Support

Since 2018, more than 40 IT services and consulting organizations have leveraged to provide Learning as a Service (LaaS) solutions to their clients. Launch a portal for free at to learn more or visit the on AWS page.

Leverage the MediaManager Project Support Service to Improve Project Outcomes

Per a Project Management Institute (PMI) study, ‘Ineffective communications are the primary contributor to project failure one-third of the time and had a negative impact on project success more than half the time.’ Our Project Support Service provides the technology and support to implement a communications plan for your project to improve onboarding, build insightful dashboards and provide leadership with visibility into engagement and gaps.

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