Three Ways the Platform for Medical Information Supports Medical Affairs Excellence

As the role of Medical Affairs grows within pharma companies, the need to define Medical Excellence and provide tools to support it takes an increasingly prominent role. Organizations such as Veeva Systems, with the release of Medical CRM & Vault MedComms, along with Envision Pharma and their document planning applications Datavision, Visiontracker, and Clear, have taken great strides to provide these tools, but a solution for effective digital engagement between Medical Affairs departments, Medical Science Liaisons and the Health Care Providers they most actively engage was non-existent until the release of the Platform for Medical Information.

Below are just three of the ways that the Platform for Medical Information creates a digital connection between Medical Affairs and Health Care Providers:

1. Intelligent Approved Content Delivery

Medical Affairs is responsible for more than just the blind delivery of content to Health Care Providers. Compliance concerns make it necessary for Medical Affairs to restrict content delivery to relevant topics introduced by members of the community while taking every action necessary to provide educational assistance. By integrating with the applications used to perform medical, legal and regulatory reviews, guarantees that only approved content is available to MSLs and Health Care Providers. As documentation and media is updated in the approval application, the linked documentation on the Medical Information platform is automatically updated as well.

2. Automated Stakeholder Tracking

Just as it is crucial that all media delivered to Stakeholders goes through medical, legal and regulatory reviews, keeping track of who accessed this content and when is also critical. The Platform for Medical Information does this automatically, tracking access to media and documentation, as well as participation in digital educational activities, on a one-to-one basis. No other platform makes this possible.

3. Stakeholder Relationship Management applications integrate with the media delivery portals

Platforms such as Veeva’s Medical CRM allow MSLs to effectively manage interactions and other critical Stakeholder data in a way that is productive and meaningful. Through the’s integration to Medical CRM, it is possible for MSLs to become aware of stakeholder activities across the Medical Information platform. These insights, along with the ability to automatically provide Health Care Providers with targeted and controlled access to parts of the platform through Medical CRM, turn the Stakeholder Relationship Management platform into a powerful, but compliant, document delivery and educational activity tool.

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